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Celebrating International Nurses Day in Southampton Research Hub

Research Nurse Charmaine Lomibao brings the sunshine into Southampton Research Hub and Southampton’s Clinical Research Facility

"Lots of nurses in the Philippines are recruited to work in the UK because of better living conditions, pay and prospects. But it was still a really hard decision - this was my first time away from home, and at first I had to come without my husband and four-year-old daughter, Kassandra. 

When I arrived, I was so excited, really looking forwards to all the new opportunities. But it was hard to adjust. I got quite homesick at times, and would sometimes cry. However, after a few months I started to find my feet. When my husband and daughter were able to join me, that was much better.

At first I worked as a cancer care nurse and then I made the change into research. I love the way research is so beneficial both to the community, and the country as a whole. It really does help save and improve lives, and I love being part of this change. 

I mainly work on vaccine studies. Some of our work is first-in-human, and I really feel the responsibility of this. But also, it’s a huge privilege, and I know that this work can lead to new treatments and improvements in public health. 

Meeting all the different participants and getting to know them is the highlight for me. But as much as I like face-to-face, I also really like the paperwork involved too - the combination works for me. 

I do miss my family back in the Philippines, and of course I miss the sunshine. We only managed to get back to visit them once so far. But there’s so much to love about the UK too, not including the rain!

Charmaine pictured on her trip home to see family

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