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Meet Jenny
Southampton Research Hub

Jenny participated in research to test a new type of vaccine for whooping cough following a sharp rise in cases over recent years.

“Coming to Southampton Research Hub was an amazing experience. It has definitely set the bar very high for clinical trials. Everyone was so lovely. No question was silly. No question was too big, and they really took time to make sure I was fully educated going into the challenge phase, that I was comfortable and wasn’t pressured and that I was doing everything on my own accord.”


Meet Lydia
Southampton Research Hub

Lydia was involved in a study to look at the immune response to a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine in young people.

“It made me realise how much work is put into making a vaccine before it is offered to the population. It gave me a rewarding feeling knowing I was taking part in something that would be impacting the community, the world, and other adolescents. I would take part in another clinical trial. If you’re thinking whether or not to take part, I would say do it!”

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Meet Emma
Southampton Research Hub

Emma is Lydia’s mum. Lydia took part in a study to look at the immune response to a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

“I think having lived through the pandemic, we’re a family that very much believe in and support science and medicine and this was an opportunity for us to help out.  It was no different to attending any other hospital appointment. If people don’t participate in research trials, we won’t be able to advance medicines, health and science. Where would be today if people hadn’t been participating in research trials for the last 4, 5, 6 decades? We need people to advance further procedures and interventions so it’s absolutely worthwhile.”


Meet Ceri
Southampton Research Hub

Ceri’s son, Harry, took part in the Harmonie study. A study that looked at how strongly babies can be protected from serious illness due to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection by giving them a single dose of antibodies.

“We really enjoyed taking part in the study. Everyone we came across was so lovely. It was such an easy way to do it. It was really relaxed, and we were well informed. At the time, Harry was only six weeks old, which again, was absolutely fine. He was as good as gold really. The team made sure we were very comfortable. Made sure we had everything we needed and the aftercare was brilliant as well. To me, it’s an amazing thing that we’ve done, being able to take part in this study and to help to protect other babies and their families.  We are proud of what we’ve done. For anyone thinking of taking part in research, I’d say do it.”


Meet Derek
Weymouth Research Hub

Derek took part in our NextCove study, researching the very best Covid-19 vaccines.

"You really get VIP treatment at the hubs - the staff are so friendly and helpful. I don't live far away and it was no trouble to come in for the appointments. I was so grateful to get the original covid vaccine - and I knew that people stepped up for those original trials, so I wanted to help further. If you're considering taking part in research, I'd say go for it."


Meet Michael
Weymouth Research Hub

Michael answered the call for volunteers for the NextCOVE trial, a trial testing an alternative COVID vaccine.

"It's too easy just to let someone else step up to the plate, do the work and take the benefit. I wanted to make an effort to play my own part."


Meet Brian
Bournemouth Research Hub

Brian took part in our NextCove study, researching the very best Covid-19 vaccines.

“Coming to the Hubs are amazing. The staff and the nurses and everyone is absolutely so friendly and helpful. I’ve got six grandchildren and I’d like to think that my grandchildren will live as long as I will. And by doing these trials it allows that to happen in the future. It makes me feel like I’m helping!”


Meet Jayne
Bournemouth Research Hub

Jane answered the call for volunteers for the NextCOVE trial, a trial testing an alternative COVID vaccine.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that if people don’t come forward to help with research we’re never going to move forward with vaccines or treatments for certain illnesses and disabilities. It hasn’t cost me anything, it’s taken an hour of or of my time every now and again. I’ve had an MOT as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had bloods and heart checked and everything else which I wouldn’t normally have and all that’s being monitored as we go through the trial. You could help future generations with illnesses which at the moment there’s no treatment for.”


Meet Rob
Portsmouth Research Hub

Rob is part of a study looking to develop new COVID-19 vaccines. He is so dedicated, he travels to us from from the Isle of Wight and cycles over from the ferry in Southsea.

“I first got involved in the research in 2020 - and I wanted to contribute towards efforts to find a vaccine during the pandemic. The team are super friendly and all the information i received before I started was brilliant. It makes me feel like I'm helping others."

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Meet Mike & Irene
Portsmouth Research Hub

They have also been helping us run COVID-19 research studies. 

“We feel like we're doing something as a couple which will help other people, and we feel good about that. We should all do something in society to help and pay back. We need this research and you can just pop in - it's quick and easy and you're doing your part to help perhaps thousands and thousands of other people."


Meet Kay
Portsmouth Research Hub

Kay came forward during the pandemic.  

“I really feel this is a positive way to help the community. I feel like I've moved medical research on a bit further which sounds a bit grandiose - I just play a small part, but it's an imporant part."

Taken part at our hubs?

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