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Frequently asked questions

What is health research?

All new treatments go through phases of research to ensure they are safe and effective, and any side effects kept to a minimum. The results of these studies lead to treatments which help prevent diseases and diagnose illnesses. Every study we run is different and we work with both healthy participants and patients with a specific condition. We'll explain what's involved before you decide if you want to take part.

Why is health research important?

All health research relies on people being willing to take part. Every year in the UK, thousands of people put themselves forward. For example, it was volunteers who helped turn the tide against Covid-19 by taking part in vaccine trials. Our participants are currently helping us research new treatments for infectious diseases. Our vision is to run as many studies as we can to really make a difference to people’s lives.

Why take part?

•  Help save lives and improve healthcare for others

•  Help develop new treatments for future generations

•  If you have an illness or condition, you might be able to try a new treatment

•  Your health may be monitored more regularly

•  Your time and expenses reimbursed (rate vary by study)

What if I still feel a little unsure?

That’s ok. Our team is here to help. We want you to be informed and supported at every stage, and we promise to give you study-specific information which is  easy to understand. Your visits will take place at your closest hub. You will be seen by our specialist research team made up of doctors, nurses and clinical trials assistants.  We will also ensure your GP is kept informed of your involvement and progress throughout the study.


"It's too easy just to let someone else step up to the plate, do the work and take the benefit. I wanted to make an effort to play my own part."
Michael – Research participant, Weymouth

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Located at the
John Pounds Centre

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Located in the Royal South Hants Hospital

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Located in the Royal Bournemouth Hospital

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Located at the
Linden Unit

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