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Celebrating International Women's Day

Beverley Wadams, Senior Research Nurse, Bournemouth Research Hub

What does your role involve?

As co-lead at the hub, I coordinate our vaccine trials from feasibility, through to recruitment, follow up and close down.

This also includes supporting our team with study visits - in person or over the phone, and all sorts of clinical tasks from venepuncture to ECGs.

I help our staff with professional development and I help gather patient feedback and action improvements. I ensure action of the monthly national 'Saving Lives' audit, compile action plans and provide to our team.

What kind of research studies are you working on?

Vaccine research - currently covering Covid, E-Coli and RSV

What made you want to work in research?

I love the thought of pushing the boundaries to improve care and practice

Why do you think International Women's Day is important?

It's an opportunity to raise the profile of what women can achieve.

Why is it important for more women to work in research?

It widens career opportunity and removes any preconceptions that this is a male dominated field. Having representation within research from all genders ensures an inclusive working environment. By having women in research it may improve access, recruitment of a wider participant population and a focus on knowledge of female health conditions.

What advice would you give women and girls to inspire them to consider a career in research?

Gender should not be seen as a barrier to accessing a career in research. Go for it!

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