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Portsmouth Research Hub celebrates International Nurses Day

Beata embodies the “international” in #IND2024. Originally from Poland, she works across Portsmouth Hospitals and Portsmouth Research Hub 

"I used to work at the Military Institute for Medicine in Warsaw with a special focus on auto-immune and kidney disease. We don’t have specialist research nurses in Poland, so I was used to combining clinical work with running studies on the wards. 

Five years ago I came to the UK with my husband, dog and cat. It was a big change, as I only had schoolgirl English and had to work hard on learning to speak the language. Initially I applied to be a Clinical Trials Assistant, and was really happy when I had met all the criteria to register as a nurse here in the UK. 

I really like the balance between clinical knowledge and working with patients on a day to day basis.  Not every study leads to big successes or major breakthroughs, but it’s a very fulfilling role. In some studies, we might be working with a few people who have very rare diseases - and whatever we are researching might really help improve their conditions. 

My role in Portsmouth Research Hub is completely different because here we work with healthy volunteers. This means we are meeting people who take part in research because they want to help others in the future, and I find this really inspiring. 

Nursing is a brilliant career choice. There’s an inner responsibility - I know my work needs to be of high quality, very accurate and very thorough. My participants’ wellbeing and safety is always my priority and I take pride in this. 

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