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It's International Nurses Day in Weymouth Research Hub

Senior Research Nurse Ashleigh Cave was inspired to start nursing when her brother was in a car accident 

"I was a carer originally - and I became a carer because my brother had a motorbike accident and a below-the-knee amputation.  When I saw how the nurses helped him I thought, this looks like something I could do

Over five years working in care, I built the confidence to start studying a nursing degree and decided to take the plunge. My course placements were at Dorset County Hospital and from Day One, I loved it. It was amazing to see how people recovered in our care  and became well enough to go home.

After I qualified I spent three and a half years on the stroke unit, and again it was seeing the improvement in our patients which I enjoyed the most. 

I started working in research three years ago, and mostly with stroke patients. I have been researching new medications and more recently looking at a device which helps with swallowing. Research is the key to helping our patients recover more quickly, and I know I am playing a role in really improving the care we can offer. 

When I found out there was a chance to work in Weymouth Research Hub I was excited to be part of something new. It’s very different working with healthy volunteers. I feel like I’ve played a role in helping meet the threat of Covid during the pandemic - it’s only a small part but all these small parts make a huge difference. 

You can do anything as a nurse, there’s so many avenues you can explore, so many jobs I never knew. 

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